I found that Free My Muse brought my daughter from invisible to visible. She came out of her shell and became the vibrant, confident, talented girl that her family knew. Her marks at school went up. She feels confident being herself. Carrie is able to see her students for who they are and embrace them there. She has praised the inner qualities that she sees and encourages them to shine as who they are! We are very grateful to Carrie and her team for building self-esteem into her students. They are then able to portray other characters and have fun with it. It’s been so amazing to watch my daughter play different roles and be so believable! I am always delightfully shocked!

 I appreciate so much the opportunities and guidance Carrie has provided for leadership training as my daughter has grown and matured.

 Definitely something I would encourage other kids to get involved with.
A Parent

I have, I think, a unique perspective when it comes to this local theatre company. Not only have I seen the kids give wonderful performances, I have also been able to see these performances as a ‘work in progress’. I have a lot of respect for Free My Muse and its director, Carrie Pengilly. Not only do Carrie and her staff teach the kids about theatre, and what it means to perform and be committed to a role, I find there is a sense of teamwork that is communicated to the kids as they are working. They are learning how to respect each other’s work, and collaborate so they can bring together a performance where the audience is watching the entire scene and cast, and not just the person who is speaking at the moment. These are life skills that the kids will carry with them as they grow and eventually go out on their own. I have observed an atmosphere where there is an expectation of respect, as well as a chance to have ideas heard and implemented. I believe it to be one of the best environments for kids to learn in. Congratulations Carrie and staff for bringing to Yorkton wonderful children’s theatre!

Free My Muse Theatre company is a professional outfit with exceptionally gifted and talented instructors.  Whether you are contemplating a class for yourself or for your child, I would recommend that you join. The instructors pride themselves on punctuality, commitment, and being organized.  These characteristics filter to the students who build a sense of their own integrity and pride with relation to the studio. The most important factor is the skills that the students gain from their time there.  They learn diction, voice training, breathing, projection, improvisation, character building and above all of this, focus.  The self discipline that accompanies this learning process is very apparent as you witness the students in production or during rehearsal.

I am so pleased that this company has come to Yorkton as it has offered a wonderful niche in the arts field for both students and adults that no other group has been able to tap into on such a professional level.  They are a top notch group that demands the same from their students.
Yorkton Resident

I was the parent of a shy child.  She would never put her hand up in class and often would whisper to me her order at restaurants.  When she was 13 we were looking for some activity for her to join and found the Play Production and Individual speech classes at Free My Muse.  It changed her life.  From the Individual speech class she was able to learn to have confidence in her speaking ability and even won an Oratory contest in the school.  In the Play Production she found support and friendship in the other students.  She had to memorize lines, learn to project her voice, and learn to show emotion through her voice and actions.  When I look at her performance with the first play to the last one she has done, it is amazing!  I highly recommend all of the classes!  Carrie is very professional in her approach and expects a lot from the students and the students rise to the challenge!
A Parent

Our daughters have been a part of the Free My Muse Theatre Company since its very beginning in September of 2005. Our oldest daughter has been in several Play Productions, as well as taking individual classes, Performance Troupe and Improvisation. Our youngest daughter has been in every Play Production to date (including her 9th part this year in Puss ‘N Boots); she also takes part in Performance Troupe and Improvisation and has started assistant teaching a class this year. Free My Muse has been a wonderful experience for our family – the girls love their classes (in fact, this is the only activity they have been in where there has not been a single time that they have not wanted to attend a class) – and we love to watch them perform along with their peers. Carrie treats all her students with respect; she has high expectations of her students and they rise to meet them. The classes provide a great opportunity for students to learn and to grow and I would recommend the Free My Muse Theatre Company to anyone looking to provide a positive experience for their child.
A Yorkton Mom

Carrie Pengilly is the real deal. A truly gifted and passionate teacher who believes in the transforming power of drama. As a professional actor about to enter the working world, I always leave her studio with more insight and confidence about my craft. Her fellow instructors and students all share a deep love for theatre and all things drama, and are quite friendly, approachable people to work with. Whenever I am approached by someone – child, youth, or adult – who has an interest in drama and wants to explore more, I tell them about Free My Muse. To have this amazing studio available to me right in my home town makes me feel very, very lucky every time I walk through the door.
Kyle Markewich

I appreciate that the adults that instruct and organize the classes do many things very well.  Not only are the classes well-taught and fun, but the students’ best interest always comes first.  Each individual student is well-known and cared for.  I appreciate that we are informed well in advance of class times and dates and any other information we need.  Everyone is approachable and thoughtful; great role models for our students!

What Drama Means to us: Drama is a place where we belong. A place to release and nurture creativity. A place where we are encouraged and appreciated. A place where we learn to cooperate and share ideas. A place we miss when it’s over.
The Yeadons