Semester Two: Weekly Theatrical Themes

Posted on Jan 14, 2018 in Drama Classes, Featured, News

Each week at Free My Muse is a new exploration! Our themes of exploration for our Technique & Auxiliary Classes are below. These will also be on our website. We encourage your actor to know the themes when they arrive each week.

Week 1: “Gateways & Obstacles”

Week 2: “I Saw a Sign”

Week 3: “Follow the Leader”

Week 4: “Puss ‘n Boots the Western”

Week 5: “Average Joe”

No Classes or Rehearsals February 19th – 23rd for February Break

Week 6: “Stealing the Magic Capes”

Week 7: “Miss Kassidy’s Open Scenes”

Week 8: “Outsiders”

Week 9: “Insiders”

Week 10: “Framed”

No Classes or Rehearsals March 30th – April 8th for Easter Break

Week 11: “Whatcha in For?”

Week 12:  “Behind the Scenes”

No Classes April 23rd – 26th for Studio Break

Week 13: “Students’ Choice”

Week 14: “Parent Teacher Interviews”