Semester Two: Weekly Theatrical Themes

Posted on Jan 31, 2015 in Drama Classes



Each week at the Free My Muse Studio is a new exploration! Our themes of exploration for our Technique & Auxiliary Classes are below. These will also be on our website. We encourage your actor to KNOW the themes when they arrive each week.



Week One: “10th Anniversary” January 19th – 22nd


Week Two: “Back to the Future 2015” January 26th – 29th


Week Three: “Propped Up” February 2nd – 5th


Week Four: “Dear John’s Poetry” February 9th – 12th


No classes or rehearsals during February Break February 16th – 19th

Week Five: “My Mother Collects China Cows” February 23rd – 26th


Week 6: “Injured” March 2nd – 5th


No classes during Studio Break March 9th – 13th


Week 7: “SciFi” March 16th – 19th


Week 8: “Elvis & Marilyn” March 23rd – 26th


Week 9: “Peculiar Perspectives” March 30th – April 2nd


No classes during Easter Break April 3rd – 11th


Week 10: “Documentaries” April 13th – 16th


Week 11: “A Picture Holds a Thousand Words” April 20th – 23rd


Week 12: “Miss Suzy & Mr. Andrew’s Musical Theatre” April 27th – 30th


Week 13: “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” May 4th – 7th


Week 14: “Students’ Choice” May 11th – 14th




Week 1: “Back to the Future 2015” January 31st


Week 2: “Propped Up” February 7th


No classes during February Break February 14th


Week 3: “My Mother Collects China Cows” February 21st


Week 4: “Injured” February 28th


Week 5: “SciFi” March 7th


No classes during Studio Break March 14th


Week 6: “Elvis & Marilyn” March 21st


Week 7: “Peculiar Perspectives” March 28th


No classes during Easter Break April 4th & April 11th


Week 8: “Documentaries” March 28th


Week 9: “A Picture Holds a Thousand Words” April 18th


Week 10: “Musical Theatre” May 2nd


Week 11: “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” May 9th


Week 12: “Students’ Choice” May 16th