Semester One: Weekly Theatrical Themes

Posted on Sep 20, 2014 in Drama Classes, News



Each week at the Free My Muse Studio is a new exploration! Our themes of exploration for our Technique & Auxiliary Classes are below. These will also be on our website. We encourage your actor to KNOW the themes when they arrive each week.


Week One: “Interviews – An Inside Look” September 15th- 18th  Yorkton / September 13th Melville


Week Two: “Monkey See, Monkey Do” September 22nd – 25th Yorkton / September 20th Melville


Week Three: “Road Trip” September 29th – October 2nd Yorkton / September 27th Melville


Week Four: “Onomatopoeia” October 6th – 9th Yorkton / October 4th Melville


No class on Saturday, October 11th or Monday, October 13th (Thanksgiving)


Week Five: “Subtitles” October 14th – 16th Yorkton / October 18th Melville


Week Six: “Optical Illusions” October 20th – 23rd Yorkton / October 25th Melville


Week Seven: “In the Dark” October 27th – 30th Yorkton / November 1st Melville


Week Eight: “Grammar & Grampa” November 3rd – 6th Yorkton / November 15th Melville


No class on Saturday, November 8th.
There WILL be class on Monday, November 10th.
No class on Tuesday, November 11th (Remembrance Day).


Week Nine: “90s Week” November 10th, 12th, 13th Yorkton / November 22nd Melville


Week Ten: “Locked Down” November 17th – 20th  Yorkton / November 29th Melville


Week Eleven: “Clatter” November 24th – 27th Yorkton / December 6th Melville


Week Twelve: “Third Person” December 1st – 4th Yorkton


Week Thirteen: “Students’ Choice” December 8th – 11th Yorkton / December 20th Melville


No class on Saturday, December 13th. Melville students receive tickets to “Superman”.


Week Fourteen: “Parent-Teacher Interviews” December 15th – 18th Yorkton / December 20th Melville

The only classes running this week are: Monday Collective Creation A, Character Development B, Acting B & Improvisation B with the theme of “Subtitles” and Tuesday Collective Creation B, Improvisation A & Dramatic Acting D with the theme of “90s Week”.