Pieces, Love & Misunderstanding

Posted on May 31, 2016 in News, Productions



“Pieces, Love & Misunderstanding”: A Jukebox Musical

Written By Andrew Linsley
Directed By Andrew Linsley & Sarah Kirschman
Sunday, June 19, 2016
Gallagher Centre National Bank Convention Room
Tickets only at the Door
Adults: $12, Students/Seniors: $8 Children 5 & under: FREE

Starring: Robyn Letson, Katie Morgan, Trista Miller, Jade Pawelko, Miranda Lisoway


Jason and Sabrina have been best friends for “as long as they can remember.”  But their friendship is being put to the test now that Jason is going to be moving away to study music at Julliard. Not to mention the fact that he recently broke up with his girlfriend. Or the fact that he’s friends with someone Sabrina can’t seem to stand. Or that Sabrina might have a new boyfriend. But they’ll survive, right? Join us as past, present, and new Free My Muse actors come together in this musical comedy to tell a story about friendship, jealousy, and, of course, misunderstanding.

Mild ‘language’ is used once in this show. Contact the studio for more information.