Faculty Bios

Carrie Pengilly
Artistic Director
Carrie Pengilly has had theatre in her life for as long as she can remember, from playing pretend with her creative and talented mother, to making up plays with her grandmother, to writing and directing her first play in grade three. Blessed to have a very supportive family, Carrie joined a theatre school and knew very early that teaching and directing theatre – in her own theatre school – was her dream.Years later, after working with professional theatre companies in Alberta and Saskatchewan as actor, director and writer, after majoring in Drama Education at the University of Lethbridge, after teaching through the Conservatory of Performing Arts at the Lethbridge Community College, after performing in Theatrework’s Shakespeare in the Park and New West Theatre, after creating the ACT3 Theatre Company, and after moving to Saskatchewan….Carrie created Free My Muse Theatre Company in Yorkton in 2005. Through her Saskatchewan and Alberta ties, Carrie teaches and adjudicates, directs and creates, writes and acts and lives her dream of starting a theatre studio every day. By the year 2047, Carrie will have been teaching and directing for 50 years.
Katie Pengilly
Katie Pengilly began her involvement in the arts at a young age. At the age of four, Katie pursued the arts in the form of dance and in 2005 joined Free My Muse for its premiere season. Katie flourished and found that the dramatic arts were very important to her. Katie played her first role in the first play production, “Peter Pan”, and then performed in five more play productions, including playing the title role in “Snow White.” Katie became an assistant director and an assistant teacher at Free My Muse in 2006 and eventually was given her own classes to teach. She joined the mainstage casts in 2009 and fell even more in love with theatre. In 2010, Katie graduated high school and left Free My Muse to move to Minot, North Dakota, to pursue a degree in Communication Disorders. She then pursued a degree in psychology at the University of Regina and graduated with honours in 2015. While having taken many theatre classes in university, she still missed the unique and nurturing atmosphere of Free My Muse. Never losing her ties to Free My Muse (and marrying the artistic director’s brother!) she is happy to be teaching at Free My Muse once again. In 2056, Katie will have been teaching drama for 50 years.
Kassidy Guy
Before joining Free My Muse Theatre Company, Kassidy Guy was a quiet girl who always had her nose stuck in a book. She loved making up games to play with her sisters and friends and had an imagination full of colour and magic. Kassidy was seven years old when a special teacher noticed her glowing creativity and recommended that she join Free My Muse. Kassidy fell in love with acting on the very first day of her first audition and she was later cast in the production of “The Princess and the Pea” as Petite Pea. Kassidy later went on to participate in seven Play Productions and was asked to join Free My Muse’s prestigious Performance Troupe. Kassidy has a great love for her family and when she isn’t at the studio she is with them, travelling, laughing, and having fun. Kassidy still proudly remains a bookworm and you can often find her reading some kind of novel. Drama has opened Kassidy up, helping her to become more talkative and confident and expressive and she loves watching the same thing happen to her students and friends at the studio. In the year 2063, Kassidy will have been teaching drama for 50 years.
Kaylin Hall
Kaylin Hall began her journey in the performing arts at age 3 when she was enrolled in dance and music classes. As she was full of embellished stories to share along with her imaginary friends Sarah and David; her mom decided that Free My Muse would be appealing to the always active, energetic, dramatic and imaginative Kaylin. And it was! Kaylin fell in love when she performed onstage for the first time as “Hank” in “Puss ‘n’ Boots the Western” in 2009. There was no turning back! Kaylin had found drama to be challenging, inspiring and so much fun. Kaylin has continued to learn many skills at Free My Muse which have helped her in life, too. She has gained confidence, learned to speak in public, developed leadership skills and has become a mentor to peers and younger children. Kaylin has taken two years of acoustic guitar and can often be heard singing many genres of music. Kaylin loves giving back and sharing what she has experienced with her association with the Free My Muse Family. She looks forward to working with your children, and watching them develop and flourish as she has these past years. In the year 2063, Kaylin will have been teaching drama for 50 years.
Caitlin Berge
Caitlin Berge first joined Free My Muse because, as a child, she liked to play pretend and had a big imagination and her parents thought the studio would be a good place for her to be creative with others who shared that love of creativity. And Caitlin certainly brought lots of energy and creativity when she stepped into her very first Play Production, “Tarzan” in 2011. And, after playing the first of many quirky characters, she was hooked! She proceeded to perform in 7 Play Productions including as the infamous and adored “Alan the Southern Unicorn” in 2014’s “The Tortoise & the Hare.” It was not long before Caitlin was invited to add Mainstage Productions to her credits and in 2014 performed in “Mary’s Go Round,” her first Mainstage and she has continued to perform in Mainstages ever since. When not at Free My Muse (which is rare), Caitlin attends Sacred Heart High School where she participates in Club and Saint’s Soccer as well as Drama Festival.  Caitlin also loves reading and has an unnecessary knowledge of superheroes. Upon being recommended, Caitlin fell in love with teaching and is known to many of Free My Muse’s young students for her wonderful, interactive adventure story-telling. As a teacher, Caitlin wants her students to feel that all of their creative ideas are good creative ideas and she loves seeing her students use their imaginations in different ways. In the year 2064, Caitlin will have been teaching drama for 50 years.
Andrew Yeadon
Andrew Yeadon has been at the studio since 2005. He found himself here after trying an array of extra curricular activities that didn’t quite speak to him. Drama shouted! Through the years he has had many experiences with Free My Muse from Stage Combat to Clowning. After much convincing, he made his Play Production debut in 2012’s “Pinocchio” as a Grumpy Bunny and since then, has had a wide variety of characters including both Superman and Hercules as well as Athos in “The 3 Musketeers.” As Andrew coined, “Play Production is like a tar pit. Once you’re in, you’re stuck.” Outside of Free My Muse, Andrew can be found on the football field or in the throwing circle for track and field. Through the years, his love for drama is rivalled only by his love for dinosaurs and almost anything that swims. In the year 2067, Andrew will have been teaching drama for 50 years.
Faculty portraits by Veronica K. Photography and Suzy Bourque.